Motivation to be on Yatra

I make an attempt to jot down 10 reasons for my willingness to participate in Jagriti Yatra 2013

1. Learning about different start-ups across India who are working on forefront to bring a change

2. A platform to share your idea and gain valuable insights from people who have either previously worked on the same field or are interested in working

3. Being part of a network of ambitious people who are longing to work for themselves & their country rather than for a conglomerate

4. Meeting new people and making new friends

5. Visiting places which otherwise I would not get a chance to land upon

6. Exploring the capabilities, qualities, & weaknesses which define you

7. Adventure is always fun and being on a train for 15 days and staying like a new home excites me

8. I get to capture photographs of different places and improve my photography skills after learning from people

9. Observing qualities of people who have succeeded and chosen entrepreneurship as their career

10. Lastly, Being absent at my office for 15 days would not make much of a difference 😛


Jagriti Yatra, an awakening journey of 15 days, with 450 people from diverse backgrounds, aims to provide a platform for all budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who can foresee the gripping problems persisting in India and who wish to bring a positive change by addressing these problems through enterprise led development. The young people pose an immense potential and vigour within themselves and can struggle during initial years of their career to create a venture which can not only fulfil their dreams but also create jobs and hence fulfil others’ wishes. The yatra allows people under the age of 27 to participate as yatris where as above 27 to participate as facilitators. The core idea is to get a mix of individuals who can discuss on diverse topics, develop new ideas, and directly meet revered role models and some model villages/towns which currently act as benchmarks of innovation & creativity.